Printing on Dark Colored Garments

    Printing on dark colored garments differ from printing on white, or light colored garments.
    With dark colored garments, often two layers of ink is required to be printed on the garment in order for the colors to show up as brilliant and vibrant as the artwork is intended to be.

    Below is an representation of what the print would look like with only a single layer of ink, versus two layers of ink on a dark garment:

    2-Pass with White

    Under basing is a very useful tool in the industry and it can be invaluable for printing light ink colors on darker shirt colors. This is especially true for designs that are white, yellow, or red.

    Adding a second layer of ink will increase the cost of each shirt. However, some customers will opt to include only 1 layer of ink to keep costs low, or if a “vintage” look is desired on the final product.